Legal Disclaimer: 98% Success rate of eliminating or reducing the penalties refers to either winning or reducing the penalties the client was facing in past cases concerning New Jersey Driving While
Suspended Tickets and New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission drivers license suspension hearings.  Past performance is not indicative of future performance and by law no attorney can guarantee any
result in a particular case.  
The benefits of having a valid NJ drivers license instead of suspended NJ drivers license will generally far outweigh the costs of representation many times over. This web site
is not intended to give legal advise,therefore,if you have a legal question concerning a New Jersey Suspended Drivers License, New Jersey Unlicensed Driver Charge or a NJ Motor Vehicle Commission
imposed drivers license suspension with a purposed New Jersey drivers license suspension, please call our office at  (732) 257-5040 or 1-800-9-RIGHTS to set up a an in office consultation with one of
our New Jersey suspended license lawyers.  A suspended drivers license in New Jersey can increase your insurance rates, lead to the loss of your job or even possible jail time.  Don't get caught or
ticketed get help now with your New Jersey suspended drivers license, the sooner you call the more we can do to help. At nj suspended we guarantees that you will never be represented with
a lawyer  who is just out of law school.  Each attorney in our office has been in practice a minimum of 10 years, thus you can trust that you will get the best possible result.  Free Consultations are limited to
people charged with Suspended Licenses offenses in the State of NJ with our usual consultation fee of $125.00 waived during normal business hours if you mention this website when making the
consultation.   Before Making your choice of an Attorney,  you should give this matter careful thought.   If this Advertisement is  inaccurate or  misleading,  you  may  report  same  to the Committee  on  
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The Penalty For (39:3-40) Driving with a Suspended License,
Unlicensed or Revoked Registration in NJ for 202
1 are:
  • Additional Loss of Drivers License
  • Possible Jail (mandatory for 2nd or 3rd Offenses or 1st offense if suspended due to DWI or No Insurance)
  • Fines and State Surcharges
  • Increased Insurance Costs

  • Save Money: Our representation can save you up to $7,500.00 in insurance costs alone
  • Start Driving Immediately: If we win, your NJ drivers license can be restored immediately!
  • Stay out of Jail: If we win all the penalties are eliminated including jail!
  • Get Help.  Take the first step and setup your free in office consultation.  The law is clear you
    cannot drive with a suspended license in NJ. Call now and put Attorney Aalsberg's 98%*
    success rate to work for you to win, reduce or eliminate the penalties you face!
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The NJ Driving With A Suspended License Lawyer
Top 30 New Jersey Towns to be caught and ticketed for driving while suspended based on the number of tickets written versus population size: Woodbridge NJ, Lawrence NJ, Edison NJ, Bridgewater NJ, Cherry Hill NJ, Atlantic
City NJ, Jersey City NJ, Paramus NJ, Short Hills NJ, East Brunswick NJ, Clifton NJ, Spotswood NJ, Elizabeth NJ, Monroe NJ, Wayne NJ, Secaucus NJ, Piscataway NJ, Eatontown NJ, Sayreville NJ, Freehold NJ, Princeton NJ,
Tinton Falls NJ, Willingsboro NJ,  Wall and Ocean Township NJ, Burlington NJ, Edgewater NJ, Cinnaminson NJ, Union NJ
With a Suspended Drivers
License in New Jersey you
won't be able to drive to
work,  to school or even
the grocery store.   The
State of New Jersey is the
only state which does not
have a provisional or to
work license for
suspended drivers.  If you
do not fight for your
license you will lose it.  
Don't Lose your license, e,
plus pay fines and even in
some cases go to jail.  With
Put Attorney: H. Scott
Aalsbergs  98% Success
rate of Winning, Reducing
or Eliminating the penalties
to work for you!
Frequently Asked Questions For Our NJ
Driving While Suspended Defense Lawyer
QUESTION:  I got a ticket for driving while suspended (39:3-40) in NJ but
I never went to court, will I go to jail if I try to resolve this now?
ANSWER:  It depends, if your NJ Drivers license was suspended for a prior
DWI, No Insurance or you drove while your drivers license was suspended and
were involved in an Accident probably yes.  If you were suspended for unpaid
tickets probably not.  Unfortunately, because you missed your original court
date you are much more likely to go to jail because you probably have a
warrant for your arrest and now face an additional 180 days in jail for contempt
of court on top of the time you could do for your driving while suspended ticket.  
However, with Attorney's H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq. 98%* success rate on your
side, you put the best chance of reducing and eliminating any jail time you face.
QUESTION: I live out of State and  I have a ticket for driving while
suspended (39:3-40) in NJ.  I called the court and they said I must go to
court can you help me?
ANSWER:  Yes, we can help you reduce or eliminate the charges and
penalties your face for a driving while suspended ticket, but you must go to
court with our lawyer as the court told you.  Unlike a regular traffic ticket a
driving while suspended ticket in NJ is a mandatory court appearance ticket.  
You must go to court otherwise a warrant for your arrest will be issued by the
judge.  If you fail to go to court you could face additional jail time and license
suspension.  The best thing to do is to make the trip back to NJ and hire
Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg to represent you to fight the ticket and win!  
QUESTION:  I just got a letter in mail  from New Jersey MVC saying my NJ
Drivers License is going to be suspended for 60 days can you help me
avoid my NJ drivers license suspension?
ANSWER:  Yes in 98%* of the cases Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq., has
handled he has reduced or eliminated the suspension time his clients faced.  
But you must call our office now and setup a free in office consultation.  An
appeal must be filed prior to the start of your suspension otherwise your NJ
drivers license will be suspended.
Helping Clients
For Over 25 Years
The NJ Driving While Suspended License Lawyers
The General Penalties:
Upon conviction for a first offense 39:3-40:
Fine:  $500.00
License Suspension: up to 6 additional months
Surcharges from state of N.J.
Additional penalties apply including jail if suspended due to a DWI, DUI,
accident or other offenses noted below

Upon conviction for a second offense 39:3-40:
Fine:  $750.00
License Suspension: up to 6 additional months
Jail: 1 to 5 days (plus up to 10 days additional if issued a motor vehicle
moving violation ticket at the time of the stop)
Surcharges from State of NJ
Additional 10 to 90 or more days in Jail if suspension is a result of a
DWI, DUI and No Insurance

Upon conviction for a third offense or subsequent offense
of 39:3-40:
Fine: $1000.00
License Suspension:
Jail: Mandatory 10 Days
Surcharges from the State of NJ
Additional 10 to 180 days in jail if suspension is a result of a DWI or DUI or
other specific offenses such as being involved in an accident.
Additional Penalties Can Apply to all driving while
suspended tickets in NJ, If your license was suspended
due to a DWI, Failure to Carry Liability Insurance or if you
were issued a moving violation with your driving while
suspended ticket.  Additional penalties can also apply if
you were involved in an accident while driving with a
suspended license.
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