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Save Your
Your Right To

NJ Suspended
For 25+ Years
Suspensions of your NJ or CDL Drivers License Can Occur
for the Following Reasons:
1) Too Many Points or Accidents
2) Unpaid Tickets, Warrants, or Failure to Appears (FTA's)
3) Too Many Violations within the last 3 years
4) Convictions for various infractions including, but not limited to: DWI, DUI,
Unlicensed Driver, Reckless Driving, Passing a school bus, Leaving the Scene of
an Accident, and many more
5) Advanced Age or illness

Don't let the NJ motor vehicle commission suspended your New Jersey Drivers License.  In most
cases our suspended license lawyers can either reduce or eliminate your NJ Motor Vehicle
License Suspension and get your license back be to in good standing.  Without Your Drivers
License You Could Lose Your Job, Your House and even your family!  If you can't drive to work
you will be forced to pay for daily transportation to and from work, think of what this could cost
you for the next  90, 180 or even 360 days.   There are many cases where a person has been
charged with a Suspended License violation, where the charge is incorrectly filed, or over stated.
Because of the many nuances with this area of law, police officers, the motor vehicle commission
as well as prosecutors, often make mistakes when filing suspended license charges and issuing
drivers license suspensions.  Call our office now at 1-800-9-RIGHTS and set up a FREE
Consultation to find out how we can help you.   The sooner our lawyers get started the shorter
your suspension could be, but don't delay if you want to get the full benefit of representation.
Stop The
NJ Motor Vehicle
From Suspending
Your License
If you have received a Notice that
your Drivers License will be
suspended We Can Help Reduce
or Eliminate Your Suspension.  
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Have you received a letter from the NJ MVC stating that your license is going to be
suspended for 30,60,90 or even 360 days?  We Can Help:
Save your license!
Lower your NJ Insurance Rates!
Delay, Postpone, or Stop your Scheduled Suspension!
A New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Drivers License Suspension can last for as little as 7 days or in serious situations a lifetime.  If your New Jersey Drivers
License has been suspended before, each suspension will generally be longer than the last.  Whether your NJ drivers license is being suspended for too many
points or for a medical condition we can help.  If Attorney Aalsberg accepts your case he has a 98% success rate of winning, reducing or eliminating your MVC
or DMV drivers license suspension.  Past performance is not indicative of future results and by law no attorney can guarantee a result, but the sooner we get
started fighting your drivers license suspension the more we can do to help!  Call 1-800-9-RIGHTS
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A suspension of your
NJ Drivers License by
the motor vehicle
commission can cost
you thousands of
dollars just for
increased insurance
costs alone.  The
longer your
suspension the more
it will cost.  Although
the cost of a good
lawyer can also cost
thousands you get
the added advantage
of still being able to
drive if your case is
resolved.  Thus, the
reason you need to
choose a lawyer with
a proven track record
like Attorney H. Scott
Aalsberg.  Rest
assured you will have
the best chance of